CRK 6000 image

CRK 6000

Teller Recycler

High capacity, easy-to-use cash recycling machine to automate your teller operations

The CRK 6000 teller cash recycler is ergonomically designed with minimal footprint and attractive design. More than 50,000 units of the recycling module have been installed globally. It has the potential to significantly transform branch operations by improving the customer experience, deepen relationships, streamline the staffing model and provide security for cash handling.

The machine’s high speed deposit and dispensing capabilities frees up tellers’ time by automating the cash handling process. This will enable tellers to interact with your customers in order to contribute to the bank’s sales and growth objectives.

The CRK 6000 offers ease of operations and enables branches to move towards a universal staff model, whereby tellers can be cross-trained to handle customer service functions, and do not need to perform manual cash reconciliation. As such, this significantly reduces repetitive tasks and directly translates to added operational efficiency.

It mitigates the risk of exposed cash in the teller’s drawer, as the machine acts as an “always available” cash-in and cash-out vault within a small footprint.

Cash-in, Cash-out for over-the-counter transactions

Total capacity

Recycles 13,600 notes. Total capacity 16,400 banknotes

Large recycling capacity

3,400 banknotes per cassette

High acceptance rate <95%

Jam rate of 2 banknote out of 100,000

Total 5 cassettes: 4 recycling, 1 deposit-only

Each cassette accepts 1 denomination. Option to upgrade each cassette to accept 2 denominations available.

Continuous feeding of 300 banknotes

Cash-out slot up to 100 banknotes

Implement the CRK 6000 to replace your teller cash handling and reconciliation activities

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CRK 6000 spec outlineCRK 6000 spec outline
  • Height: 78cm
  • Width: 80cm
  • Depth: 52cm

Cassette capacity

  • Recycling function: 3,400 banknotes (4 cassettes). Total recycling capacity: 13,600 banknotes
  • Deposit-only: 2,800 banknotes (1 cassette)
  • Total machine capacity: 16,400 banknotes
  • Number of denominations recycled: Up to 8

Cash-in feeder capacity

  • 300 banknotes, Continuous feed

Cash-out Slot

  • Up to 100 banknotes

Deposit or dispense performance

  • 7 banknotes / sec


  • UL 291 safe

Power Requirement

  • Voltage
  • 100 - 240 VAC (50 - 60 Hz)


  • 2x USB type A
  • Supports multiple users
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