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Automatic Feeder
  • Capacity of up to 500 - 1500 documents.
  • Single feed capacity, Double-feed detector.
  • Magnetic CMC7, CMC0, E13B.
  • Optical characters recognition OCRA, OCRB, Barcode.
  • MICR Validation: MICR reader is an available option.
Front-Rear Scanner
  • Resolution: 200 DPI, 100 DPI programmable.
  • Grey levels: 16 or black & white.
  • Single or dual sided.
  • Single pocket / 2 pockets / 6 pockets module.
  • Capacity: 200 per-pocket.
  • Maximum number of pockets: 24
    (4 sorter modules).
  • Front or rear rotary drum with or without date and personalised logo.
  • Front or rear dot matrix 9 needles printer.
  • High quality CMC7, E13B, OCRB encoding system.
  • 230 Vac (50Hz) - 115 Vac (60Hz)
Documents Format
  • Width: 110mm -220mm
  • Height: 60mm - 110mm
  • Weight: 80 - 120 gr/sqmt
  • Paper thickness: 0.09mm - 0.14mm
  • Serial RS 232 standard.
  • SCSI II standard - for image acquisition.

CBX 6000V: Centralised Processing for High-Volume Transactions

Deployed at centralised processing hubs for high-volume cheque processing

The CBX 6000V is a unique advanced branch capture solution designed to combine high performance and flexibility in processing documents such as bank cheques and payment vouchers. Modularly designed to offer exceptional flexibility, the CBX 6000V is made up of 5 base modules – Feeder, Encoder, Scanner, Verification and Sorter modules; which can be easily connected to form a variety of configurations to suit your operational needs.

The implementation of this advanced processing system in your bank will increase your operational throughput and productivity by streamlining your processing methods into a single operation. Without compromising processing efficiency, it offers the most cost effective processing method because its modularly designed concept easily adapts to your evolving operational needs, whereby you can add or subtract its modules accordingly.

user using CSD 2002e

High performance solution for centralised cheque processing

DAB 8000 feature icon

Economical and scalable

Units can be deployed according to your growing needs.
DAB 8000 feature icon

Modularly designed

Comprises of 5 modules: Feeder, Sorting, Verification,
Encoding and Scanning.
DAB 8000 feature icon

International cheque truncation standards

Quality data to support image-based cheque processing.
DAB 8000 feature icon

Ease of maintenance

Fast repair due to its modular design.


Multimode Payments ATM FPS 3000

CBX 6000V enables you to build highly scalable centralised hubs

CBX 6000V performance

Operation mode:


Processing speed:

12,000 docs / hour

Operation mode:

Reading + Scanning

Processing speed:

10,000 docs / hour

Operation mode:

Reading + Scanning & Amount Encoding

Processing speed:

5,000 docs / hour
*Processing Speed represents hardware capability.
Actual throughput is determined by the processing speed of the host computer and its application software.

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