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The top 5 products uniquely built by Rototype

Self-Service Deposit System for Cheques & Cash (MDS 9000)

A dedicated dual-function deposit system that boasts speed and reliability
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Self-Service Bulk Cheque Deposit (CSD 2002/E)

A bulk cheque deposit system that supports image-based, straight through cheque processing
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Self-Service Chequebook Dispenser (CJD 8000)

World’s first on-demand cheque and chequebook printer
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Self-service Cash-in, Cash-out & Bulk Cheque Deposit (MDS 9000R)

Best of the breed 3-in-1 ATM that supports image-based, straight through cheque processing and cash recycling capabilities
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On-Demand Chequebook Printer (CJD 6000)

Our best selling cheque and chequebook printer ideal for banks that want complete control over customer service and costs
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There is something for everyone

Years of on-the-ground experience have enabled us to understand the heartbeat and needs of the banking industry. The precision and reliability of our Rototype machines driven by a suite of robust software applications is the hallmark of our brand. Regardless of the size of your bank and the customers that you serve, we are confident that you will find what you need in our comprehensive range of product offerings.

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