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Innovative self-service dispensers for
real-time cheque purchase & chequebook printing

Rototype International offers an innovative fleet of self-service cheque printing machines designed to complete the total 24-hour self-service offerings at your unmanned branches. Capable of dispensing a wide range of payments instruments - from bank drafts, to money orders, demand drafts, cashier’s cheques or a chequebook, our CJD range of machines will take your banking automation, customer experience and satisfaction to the next level.

Features of our Cheque Dispensers

  • On-demand MICR encoding. Prints unique MICR codelines which are supplied in real-time by your HOST computer.
  • MICR codeline magnetic strength validation. Ensures the highest level of printing quality.
  • On-board stapling & binding unit. Customers can request for a single cheque or an entire chequebook to be printed.
  • Personalised cheques & chequebooks on-demand. Prints customer’s information in real-time.
  • 2 secured cassettes. Capacity up to 1800 cheques, Stores cheque stock which does not bear MICR codeline, hence the risk of pilferage is low.
  • QR code & biometric identification. Fast, easy and secured customer identification.
  • Takes only 3 minutes to produce a 50-leaf chequebook. Fully automated process, eliminating expensive human resources.

Why partner with Rototype International?

Rototype International is a leading self-service solutions provider helping banks to increase branch efficiency by automating repetitive banking customer transactions. The company is the preferred provider of self-service machines by top-tier banks due to its best-in-class functionality and high up-time, while having the smallest kiosk footprint in the industry.

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