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CJD 8000/CC: No more waiting in long queues at the branch just to purchase a cashier’s cheque!

CJD 8000 image

What is in it for your bank?

  • Be a technology leader. Be the first to offer on-demand cheque purchase in your self-service banking branches.
  • Reduce cheque issuance. Customers only purchase cheques when needed. Otherwise, encourage the usage of e-payments instead.
  • Automation. Replace routine over-the-counter processes, tellers achieve higher productivity in other revenue generating areas.
  • Significant savings. Do not need to print and distribute free chequebooks to all your customers, reduce the number of tellers serving customers.
  • New source of revenue. Levy a fee on every cheque purchased by your customers.

CJD 8000/CC

Be the first to enable your customers to purchase a cheque 24/7!

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