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WHY? At Rototype International, we are not just offering you a job. We are offering you a future to be an expert in two of the most stable industries of our times - Banking and Technology. Your days will be filled with doing work that impacts the way people use technology to enjoy faster and more secured ways of carrying out their banking needs. You will be given opportunities to challenge yourself so that the process of upskilling yourself is continuous. Like-minded people whom you work with daily will help keep you sharp and motivated. If this sounds appealing, join our team today.

Do what you love. Love what you do.

We are always working on helping our people find fulfillment in what we do day-in and day-out because when this happens, work doesn’t need to feel like work.

When we are happy, we will naturally keep our customers happy

Share common goals

We start by putting our customers’ needs before our own and believing in the strength of our products.

Grow together

We emphasize team effort because that’s where new and brilliant ideas are conceived.

Give our best

The best way to achieve mastery is through its learning process.

Be real

We are family, where relationships are built on integrity and commitment.

Something is always brewing

Join our talented team and discover your hidden talent, and more!

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Support Engineer

The nature of our business in the area of support is demanding due to the high service level agreements we have with our customers. As such, we welcome people who have an analytical mind. Who can be trained to confidently represent our brand and reputation. Who can achieve mastery in resolving our customer’s issues on the field, so that we will remain a trusted name in the industry.

Software Engineer

Our Rototype range of products are primarily driven by powerful applications both on the front and back-end. We are constantly on the lookout for people who are strong in their fundamentals of design and development, as well as knowledgeable in our industry trends. Combined, we can continue to help banks run faster, better and cheaper.

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