Intelligent Deposit for Cash & Cheques

High precision, mixed-bundle self-service deposit machine that accepts up to 120 pieces in a single feed operation.

Bulk Cheque Scan & Deposit

Self-service deposit machine that accepts batch deposits of up to 35 cheques in a single feed operation.

Multimode Payments ATM

Multifunction bill payment kiosk accepting multiple modes of payment like cheques, credit card, banknotes and even coins.

Chequebook Dispenser

Self-service chequebook dispensing machine specifically designed for instant chequebook requests.

Cashier's Cheque Dispenser

World's first self-service cheque dispensing machine featuring on-demand MICR printing.

Multifunction ATM

Best-of-breed ATM solution for bulk cheques and cash deposit, with cash recycling functions.

Cashless ATM

Lower your costs and risks by going cashless.

Chequebook Printer

Designed purposefully for producing on-demand chequebooks at the bank branch or central processing centre.

Desktop Cheque Scanner

Compact, high speed capture deployed for over-the-counter service.

Branch Capture

Mid-volume cheque processor deployed in your bank's back-office.

Advanced Branch Capture

High performance and modularly designed to handle various types of document processing.
Provide your customers with 24/7 banking services at your unmanned branch
Deposit AutomationMultifunction ATMCheque DispenserCashless ATM
Operate in a seamless digital banking environment with the use of banking technology
Chequebook PrinterDesktop Cheque ScannerBranch CaptureAdvanced Branch Capture
Scalable and user friendly solutions to enable you to exercise control and management over your ATM fleet and other workflow processes
ATM Monitoring
Team up with trusted partners who are willing to invest in the long term future of your business

Our single slot acceptor makes bulk cheques and cash deposit as fast as 1-2-3

High performance, Dual-function ATM in a sleek cabinet

  • Large cash storage capacity. Able to accept and process 120 pieces of deposits, and print receipt within 1 minute.
  • Supports multi-currency deposit. Able to deposit up to 120 currency types and denominations.
  • Separate access to cash and cheques. Enables clear separation of duties during collection.
  • Banknote serial number reader. Automatic recognition of serial numbers to aggregate useful analytic data.
  • XFS compliant. XFS 3.20 with CIM, IPM and mixed-mode support.
  • Supports image-based cheque clearing. Equipped with automatic front stamping and rear endorsement printers, and on-board scanner.

MDS 9000

With the MDS 9000, you don’t need to compromise size and functionality

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