ERS 3000 image

ERS 3000

Back-office Automation for Mid-Volume Cheque Processing

Deployed at branches for mid-volume cheque processing

"The ERS 3000 is made to built all types of documents such as cheques and payment instruments to optimise data capture throughput and productivity. Built complete with an automatic feeder, scanner, printer and sorter, this midsized processor is ideally installed in the back-office of your branches or at low-volume cheque processing centres."

The ERS 3000 possesses the capability of processing your documents by means of endorsing, encoding and capturing all required data images within a single operation. All captured images and its accompanying data fully complies with international cheque truncation standards in Europe, USA, Middle East and Asia.

Deploy the ERS 3000 at your branches to automate back-office cheque handling processes and ensure that your captured cheque information conforms with internationally recognized standards for image-based cheque processing.

Affordable back-office solution for branch-level cheque processing

Enables automation

Increases cheque processing throughput and productivity

Meets international cheque truncation standards

Provides quality data to support image-based cheque processing

Full-featured processor

Compact, yet equipped with all features that complies with image-based for cheque processing

Use the ERS 3000 to capture quality data at your branches

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Machine Dimensions

ERS 3000 spec outline
  • Height: 260mm
  • Width: 620mm
  • Depth: 400mm

Automatic Feeder

  • Capacity of up to 300 documents
  • Double-feed detector


  • Magnetic CMC7, E13B or both
  • Optical character recognition OCRA, OCRB, E13B and barcode
  • Ability to recognise different types of characters, therefore encoded documents may be optically and magnetically encoded accordingly


  • High quality CMC7, E13B, OCRB encoding system

Document Endorsement

  • Front stamp rotary drum with personalised logo capability
  • Front or rear inkjet simple line text printer

Image Capture

  • Front & rear white scanning format of 200dpi printed with and G4 stamped compression documents and/or
  • Black and white format 200dpi with G4 compression and/or 256 level grey scale 100 or 200dpi, jpeg format


  • 3 pockets + 1 reject pocket
  • Capacity of up to 200 documents per pocket

Document formats

  • Length: 115mm -220mm
  • Height: 60mm - 110mm
  • Weight: 80 - 120 gr/sqmt
  • Paper thickness: 0.09mm - 0.14mm


  • 230 Vac (50Hz) - 115 Vac (60Hz)


  • RS232 serial port connectivity
  • Ethernet 10 Base-T

ERS 3000 Performance

Processing requirement


Reading, Endorsing and Sorting                           
7200 documents/hour
Reading, Endorsing, Sorting + Amount encoding
4000 documents/hour
Reading, Endorsing, Sorting and Image Capture
(jpeg 100dpi)                                                           
up to 6000 documents/hour
Reading, Endorsing, Sorting and Image Capture
(jpeg 100dpi + 200dpi Black & White TIFF G4)    
up to 3000 documents/hour
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