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deposit automation

The best deposit machines are the ones built with the most reliable acceptance modules

Enhance your customer’s trust in your self-service banking facilities when you deploy our range of deposit solutions that is easy to use and guarantees high availability.

Our acceptance module for bulk cheque deposit has delivered proven reliability since year 2000, and is the preferred choice of top-tier banks. Depending on the needs of your ATM fleet for the present and the future, options are available for upgrade strategies to be implemented, such that a single function machine for bulk cheque or cash today can be upgraded to a dual-function machine in the future. Let us be part of your journey of continuous transformation.

Rototype Intelligent deposit machines

multifunction atm

Discover the best of breeds for Cash-in, Cash-out and Bulk Cheque Deposit - built into a single footprint

There is no need to compromise machine features and functionalities when it comes to selecting just one kiosk to offer the must-have services of your 24/7 unmanned branch. In-built with our award winning module for bulk cheque deposit and an advanced cash recycler, we help reduce the costs of handling cheques and cash, and save you valuable real estate space. To remain significant in your continuous journey of transformation, our multifunction ATM is purposefully designed with capacity to incorporate other personalised functionalities that you may have - including facilities for bank account opening or a passbook printer.

Rototype international multifunction atm

cheque dispenser

A first of it's kind in self-service banking

Part of our transformational strategy for banks is to ensure that low-value transactions can be automated, so that you can focus on high value relational building activities. To help you stay ahead of competition, we leverage the best of banking technology to redefine the user experience. A first of its kind, the Rototype cheque dispensers print on-demand single-leaf cheques and chequebook, and can also accept orders directly from customers via your e-banking or mobile banking platforms. Now, customers do not need to wait till your branch opens to enjoy this banking facility.

Rototype International cheque dispenser

cashless atm

Where self-service banking and electronic payments meet

The continuous journey of transformation for each bank is unique and we do our best to build solutions that are not only relevant today, but also easily adaptable to your future plans. The fact is, electronic payments are an integral part of our payment ecosystem today, and the Rototype Cashless ATM is purposefully created to be part of that journey with you.

Rototype international cashless ATM

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