Branch Automation

Operate in a seamless digital banking environment with the use of banking technology

Automation has revolutionised the way businesses are run, and the banking industry is no exception. Wherever there exists manual and routine processes, the use of technology can effectively replace human intervention to enable banks to achieve higher levels of productivity, eliminate human error and upskill your workforce.

Rototype International particularly understands the needs of banks in the area of cheque printing, handling and processing. Our range of solutions for branch automation have helped banks around the world meet increasing customer demands as well as regulatory requirements .

Teller Recycle

High capacity, easy-to-use cash recycling machine to automate your teller operations

The Rototype CRK 6000 is a teller cash-in and cash-out machine with recycling capabilities. It provides secured banknotes storage and retrieval capabilities to complement your over-the-counter services.
The implementation of this machine will significantly reduce your tellers’ repetitive manual cash handling, and eliminate cash reconciliation activities at the end of each business day because cash-in and cash-out transactions will be fully automated and managed in real-time by the system.

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Chequebook Printer

Innovation that now enables you to print chequebooks in real-time, at the request of your customers

The Rototype CJD 6000 is a chequebook printing machine ideally installed at every bank branch’s back office or at a centralised hub.
It is uniquely designed to print fully personalised chequebooks on-demand, and can also be integrated to your electronic and mobile banking platforms to receive order requests directly from customers.

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Cheque Imaging

Solutions for deposit and payments capture at your Teller, Back-office or Centralised hub

Rototype offers a range of cheque imaging solutions that can cater to your respective needs for volume handling and cheque processing operations, and prepares your bank to process cheques that will comply with international standards for image-based straight-through processing.

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