Redefined convenience for your banking customers

"Time is of the essence in our busy schedules today, and we understand the need to make your banking services as conveniently accessible as possible. That is why the self-service cashier’s cheque dispenser was created to enable your customers to purchase their cashier’s cheques on a 24/7 basis."

Multi-channel cheque request via mobile and online banking offers unprecedented ease for your customers. Simply scan the QR code they receive on their mobile phone to print and collect their cheques at the nearest cashier’s cheque dispensing kiosk.

Enable your customers to purchase cheques for others, by forwarding the QR code to the recipient for collection at any cashier’s cheque dispensing kiosk.

Extend your reach even to your customers who do not have checking accounts by enabling them to purchase a cheque easily using their ATM card, and the amount debited from their savings account afterward.

Cahsier's Cheque Dispenser machine CJD 8000/CC

What is in it for your bank?

CJD 8000/cc as a technology leader

Be a technology leader

Be the first to offer on-demand cheque purchase in your self-service banking branches

Reduce Chequebook Issuance

Reduce chequebook issuance

Customers only purchase cheques when needed. Otherwise, encourage the usage of e-payments instead

reduce cost and increase savings with CJD 8000/cc

Significant savings

Do not need to print and distribute free chequebooks to all your customers, reduce the number of tellers serving customers

Automation with CJD 8000/cc


Replace routine over-the-counter processes, tellers achieve higher productivity in other revenue generating areas

Generate new source of revenue with CJD 8000/cc

New source of revenue

Levy a fee on every cheque purchased by your customers

Be the first to enable your customers to purchase a cheque 24/7!

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Kiosk Dimensions & Weight
CJD 8000/cc spec outline
  • Height: 140cm
  • Width: 52cm
  • Depth: 81cm
  • Weight: 150kg
CJD 8000/CC - Cashier’s Cheque Printer
  • Removable cheque feeding box with securitykey:
    - Box 1: Capacity up to 1800 pieces
    - Box 2: Capacity up to 1400 pieces
  • Double cheque detector
  • MICR encoder
    CMC7, E13B, with thermal transfer printer, Interchangeable ribbon, MICR magnetic ink according to ISO standard
  • MICR Reader
    Verifies the accuracy and quality of printed codeline
  • Graphic Printer
    Inkjet high resolution, Interchangeable cartridge. Capacity: 42 ml Ink reservoir. Capacity: 370 ml (optional)
  • Rejection Bin
    Collection of cheques which have been detected with irregularities and invalidated
LCD Monitor
  • LCD touchscreen monitor
  • TFT 12.1” color SVGA for high resolution graphic
Card Reader
  • Motorised
    Magnetic + chip card, with shutter, EMV/2 standard, XFS compliant; Two options available:magnetic band reader or HICO reader-writer
  • Biometric chip card reader with integrated fingerprint sensor & USB interface. StandardISO 7816 1/2/3, T=0 and T=1. SAM card slot
Receipt Printer
  • Thermal printer for 80 mm
  • Transaction details printout available in any language or fonts
  • Status report printout available
Audio System
  • Audio speakers and headphone output
  • 230 Vac (50Hz) – 115 Vac (60Hz)
  • Power Consumption: 200V
  • Ethernet LAN connection to the host
Quality trademarks
  • Compliance: CE
  • Safety: EN60950
  • Power consumption: 500 VA
Document formats
  • Height: 65 – 100 mm
  • Length: 170 – 240 mm
  • Weight: 80 – 140 gr/sqmt
  • Paper thickness: 0.09 – 0.15 mm
Customer Keypad
  • Stainless steel 130 x 110mm with 12 numeric +4 function keys
  • Data encryption (Triple DES Standard), VISACompliant (Optional), XFS compliant
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