Self-service chequebook printing service for your unmanned branch strategy

“The CJD 8000 is a self-service chequebook dispensing machine specifically designed for instant chequebook requests.”

While the traditional outsourcing method of chequebook production and delivery have served many banks very well over the years, customers today are reluctant to wait for days to receive their replenished chequebooks.

Banking services which are now offered on a 24/7 basis via self-service, telephone, online and virtual banking channels have become the expected norms of your customers’ experience. As such, progressive banks are keen to implement the CJD 8000 chequebook printing technology because it gives their customers round-the-clock accessibility and the fastest response time.

Chequebook dispenser CJD 8000 image

Providing customers with an unprecedented banking experience

Automate chequebook requisition process

Eliminates the need for human intervention

Exceptional customer experience

Customers can place a request via online banking prior to dropping by the branch for collection; Or request & collect at the branch

Produces a chequebook in less than 3 minutes

Collates 50 cheque leaves together with chequebook cover and re-order form. Customers can opt for less cheque leaves

Reduces per unit cost of each chequebook

Savings from storage cost for pre-printed cheque stock and logistics

Fully compliant

American Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Disabilities Discrimination Act (UK)

On-demand personalisation

Capable of printing personalised logo and customer details for each chequebook

Complete your fleet of self-service banking services by implementing the CJD 8000

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Kiosk Dimensions & Weight
CJD 8000 chequebook dispenser spec outline
  • Height: 140cm
  • Width: 52cm
  • Depth: 81cm
  • Weight: 150kg
CJD 8000 Chequebook Dispenser
  • Removable cheque feeding box with security key:
    - Box 1 for Cheques. Capacity up to 1800 pieces
    - Box 2 for Chequebook Covers & Re-Order
     Forms. Capacity up to 1400 pieces
  • Double-cheque detector
  • MICR Encoder
    CMC7, E13B, with thermal transfer printer. Interchangeable ribbon, MICR magnetic ink according to ISO standard
  • MICR Reader
    Verifies the accuracy and quality of printed codeline
  • Graphic Printer
    Inkjet high resolution, Interchangeable cartridge. Capacity: 42 ml Ink reservoir. Capacity: 370 ml (optional)
  • Rejection Bin
    Collection of cheques which have been detected with irregularities and invalidated
  • Stapling Unit
    Staples up to 50 cheques using one or more staples; Interchangeable cartridge, Capacity: 5000 staples
  • Binding Unit
    Interchangeable rolls self adhesive, cloth type embossed & plasticised special silicone backing. Length: 50 meters ; Width: 30 mm Available in different colors
LCD Monitor
  • LCD touchscreen monitor
  • TFT 12.1” color SVGA for high resolution graphics
    Card Reader
    • Motorised
      Magnetic + chip card, with shutter, EMV/2 standard, XFS compliant; Two options available:magnetic band reader or HICO reader-writer
    • Biometric chip card reader with integrated fingerprint sensor & USB interface. Standard ISO 7816 1/2/3, T=0 and T=1. SAM card slot
    Customer Keypad
    • Stainless steel 130 x 110mm with 12 numeric +4 function keys
    • Data encryption (Triple DES Standard), VISA Compliant (Optional), XFS compliant
    Receipt Printer
    • Thermal printer for 80 mm
    • Transaction details printout available in any language or fonts
    • Status report printout available
    Audio System
    • Audio speakers and headphone output
    • 100 - 240 VAC (50 - 60Hz)
    • Ethernet LAN connection to the host
    Quality Trademark
    • Compliance: CE
    • Safety: EN60950
    • Power consumption: 500 VA
    Document Formats
    • Height: 65 - 110 mm
    • Length: 170 - 240 mm
    • Weight: 80 - 140 gr/sqmt
    • Paper thickness: 0.09 - 0.15 mm
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    Your customers can wave goodbye to spending unnecessary time queuing up at your branches during banking hours, just to purchase a cashier’s cheque. Now, from the convenience of your mobile or online banking app, they can purchase a cheque anytime, anywhere. At their own convenience, pop by to any 24-hour banking lobby to print and collect the cheque.


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