An enabler of image-based, straight through cheque processing

The CSD 2002/E has proven itself to be fast and reliable to handle the highest possible cheque transaction volumes by accepting deposits of up to 35 cheques in a single feed operation. Leveraging a robust cheque scan technology and automatic front stamping and rear endorsement capabilities, it adheres to your monetary authority’s requirements - Thus enabling your bank to participate in national cheque truncation initiatives.

Rototype International Cheque Deposit Machine

Tried & Tested by the market for more than 15 years

Bulk feed deposit

Accepts up to 35 cheques in a single feed operation

Automatic stamping

Front crossing on each cheque using rotary stamp or inkjet printing

Cheque security bin

Enables cheque sorting into 4 pockets, eliminating additional cheque handling

On-board scanner

Front & rear image capture performed on each cheque; Ready to be sent for processing

Online capabilities

Transmits deposited cheque images & information in real-time to HOST computer

Award winner

Product Innovation Award 2007 and APICTA Best of Financial Applications 2004

Give your customers the confidence of depositing their cheques by deploying the CSD 2002/E

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Designed with the customer in mind

The CSD 2002/E remains to be one of our flagship products because of its proven speed & reliability, and is the preferred choice of Tier-1 banks worldwide.

Automatic cheque crossing on the front of each cheque
Bulk cheque acceptor with double-document & staple detection
4-pocket security box for efficient cheque handling and management
Receipt printed with deposited cheque images

An Award Winning Kiosk

China International Exhibition on Financial Banking Technology & Equipment (CIFTEE)

- Product Innovation Award 2007

MSC-Asia Pacific ICT Awards (APICTA)

- Best of Financial Applications 2004


Kiosk Dimension & Weight
CSD 2002e spec outline
  • Height: 140cm
  • Width: 52cm
  • Depth: 88cm
  • Weight: 410kg
DPM 1002 - Document Processing Module
  • Module for cheques and pay-in documents reading and scanning
  • Automatic feeder for batches up to 35 cheques
  • Double documents and staple detection
  • High transport speed (0.71 mt / sec) and very short scanning time
  • On board image compression
  • Voiding, endorsement, escrow function, sorting (4 pockets)
  • UV fraud detection option
LCD Monitor
  • TFT 12.1” color SVGA for high resolution graphics
  • Capacity touch screen
Customer Keypad (optional):
  • Stainless steel 130 x 110mm with 12 numeric + 4 function keys
  • Data Encryption (Triple DES Standard)
Card Reader
  • Manual – handles only magnetic strip
  • Motorized – hybrid (magnetic + chip card) + Shutter + EMV/2 standard (optional)
Receipt Printer
  • Thermal printer for 80mm or A4 format (optional)
  • Transaction details printouts available in any language or fonts
  • Single / multiple cheque images and advertising logos available
  • Printer status report
Barcode Reader
  • For payment utility bills (optional)
Personal Computer
  • Secured PC base unit with standard configuration (optional)
Card Reader
  • Motorized
    Hybrid (magnetic + chip card) + Shutter + EMV/2 standard (optional)
  • Manual
    Handles only magnetic strip
Kiosk Features
  • Disability Discrimination Act (UK) & American for Disability Act (ADA) compliant
  • Support bolting to the floor
  • Robust and tamper resistant to minimize vandalism
  • Restricted supervisor function access
  • Reserved only for authorized staff
  • Lockable & Removable check storage compartment
Documents Format
  • Height: 65 – 110 mm
  • Length: 125 – 220 mm
  • Weight:  80 – 120 gr/sqmt
  • Paper Thickness: 0.09 – 0.14 mm
Technical Characteristics
  • Voltage: 230 VAC (50Hz) – 115 VAC (60Hz)
  • Power consumption: 200 VA

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