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The MDS 9000 is a high precision deposit solution that accepts mixed-bundle deposits of up to 120 pieces in a single feed operation. It maintains a high rate of successful deposit transactions by leveraging inbuilt sensors that detect document irregularities at the earliest point of deposit, so that your customer experience is always guaranteed. Designed with a small footprint, our dual-function machine enables you to optimize the valuable use of space.

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MDS 9000 image

High performance, Dual-function ATM in a sleek cabinet

High processing speed

Able to accept and process 120 pieces of deposits, and print receipt within 1 minute

High deposit transaction

Ultrasonic sensors automatically detect document irregularities

Banknote serial number reader

Automatic recognition of serial numbers to aggregate useful analytic data

Supports image-based cheque clearing

Equipped with automatic front stamping and rear endorsement printers, and on-board scanner

XFS compliant

XFS 3.20 with CIM, IPM and Mixed-mode support

Large cash storage capacity

5 cassettes, Total capacity of up to 10,000 banknotes

With the MDS 9000, you don’t need to compromise size and functionality

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Designed with the customer in mind

The MDS 9000 builds upon the stability and reliability of our flagship product for bulk cheque deposit, and now incorporates high-speed cash acceptance within the same footprint.

Single slot acceptor accept up to 120 cheques and bank notes in any order
More than 100 ultrasonic sensors to detect document irregularities
Banknote serial number reader
Large capacity cassettes to store 2,000 cheques and 10,000 banknotes
Inkjet printers for automatic front stamping and rear endorsement on cheques

We guarantee high levels of machine availability within your self-service network

From managed services to bespoke services, our range of Banking Services is committed to reduce the complexity of your operations whilst maintaining high levels of availability at the lowest cost.


Kiosk Dimensions & Weight
MDS 9000 spec outline
  • Height: 140cm
  • Width: 52cm
  • Depth: 88cm
  • Weight: 410kg
MDM 9000 Multi Deposit Module
  • Single slot for cash and cheque deposit secured by aluminum shutter
  • Automatic feeder for batches up to 120 cheques and/or banknotes per feed
  • Double cheque and staple detection
  • Rejected cheques / banknotes handling Unreadable documents are returned to the customer through the output slot
  • Rejected cheques / banknotes
    Uncollected cheques / banknotes in the output slot are retracted into its respective document retain bins
  • Escrow function
    Roll storage up to 120 cheques / banknotes
Cheque Processing
  • MICR Reader: CMC7, E13B; OCR Reader
  • Front stamping by high resolution inkjet printer (300 dpi) for personalised logo
  • Rear endorsing by high resolution inkjet printer up to 4 lines
  • Cheque image scanning monochrome / 24 bitcolor front & rear side at:
    100, 200, 300dpi. JPEG or TIFF B/W format withG4 compression, optional UV scanning
  • 1 cheque cassette; Capacity up to 2,000 cheques
  • High processing capabilities of 2.5 cheques per second
Banknote Processing
  • Four-way insertion of banknotes up to 120 pieces per feed
  • Banknote Reader
    Ability to perform verification on both sides of a banknote;
    Programmable to verify up to 120 banknotes of various currency types and denominations
  • 5 Banknote Cassettes; Capacity up to 2,000 banknotes per cassette
  • 1 Reject Box to collect rejected / counter feit banknotes
  • High speed processing of 5 banknotes per second ECB Art.6 compliance
Receipt Printer
  • Thermal printer for 80mm paper roll format
  • Transaction details printouts available in any language or font type / size
  • Single / Multiple cheque images and advertising logo available
  • Personalised stamping on each receipt (Optional)
Lighting Panel
  • Personalised logo placement at the top of the kiosk
Audio System
  • Audio speaker and headphone adapter to aid the visually impaired
Barcode Reader
  • For payment of utility bills
Card Reader
  • Motorized-hybrid (Magnetic + Chip Card)
  • Shutter+ EMV/2 Standard, XFS compliant
Customer Keypad
  • Stainless steel 130 x 110mm with 12 numeric +4 function keys
  • Data encryption (Triple DES Standard), EMV compliant (Optional), XFS compliant
LCD Monitor
  • LCD touchscreen monitor
  • 15” (1024 x 768 pixel), SAW technology
Cheque Dimensions
  • Height: 65 - 100 mm
  • Length: 125 - 200 mm
Banknote Dimensions
  • Height: 60 – 82 mm
  • Length: 120 – 180 mm
  • Ethernet LAN
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