MDS 9000R: Multifunction Cash-in, Cash-out and Bulk Cheque Deposit

The best of breed in 1 kiosk

The MDS 9000R is the latest addition to our range of multifunction self-service solutions which offers three of the most frequently used 24-hours services. Built within a compact footprint, the performance of this 3-in-1 ATM remains unrivaled because it boasts our market-leading Rototype bulk cheque deposit module and an advanced cash recycling module. The MDS 9000R is what every bank needs to fulfil your customers’ basic banking needs in 24-hour lobbies, commuter stations and street corners.

An expert in bulk cheques and cash handling

Automatic stamping

Front crossing on each cheque using rotary stamp

Automatic cheque sorting bin

Enables cheque sorting into 4 pockets, eliminating additional cheque handling

Large cash storage capacity

5 cassettes, Total capacity of up to 17,000 banknotes

Supports image-based
cheque clearing

Equipped with automatic front stamping and rear endorsement printers, and on-board scanner

Banknote serial number reader

Automatic recognition of serial numbers to aggregate useful analytic data

Cash recycling module

Optimise your cash management resources

Combine your basic banking services and save valuable real-estate with the MDS 9000R

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Designed with the customer in mind

An expert in bulk cheques and cash handling

15'' Touchscreen
4-pocket security box for efficient cheque handling and management
Automatic cheque crossing on the front of each cheque
Banknote serial number reader
5 cash cassettes with capacity to store 3,400 banknotes each


Kiosk Dimensions & Weight
mds 9000 outline
  • Height: 140cm
  • Width: 52cm
  • Depth: 88cm
  • Weight: 410kg
MDM 9000R Multifunctional Module
  • Separated slot for cash and cheque deposit with secured shutters
  • Input of bundles of up to 300 banknotes in any direction
  • Automatic cheque feeder for batches up to 35     pieces in a single direction
  • Double-feed document and staple detector
  • Rejected cheque/banknote handling: Unreadable banknotes and cheques are rejected and returned to the customer
  • Retract bins :
    Uncollected cheques/banknotes not taken by the customer within a time limit are retracted into its respective document retain bins
  • Escrow function:
    Roll storage up to 300 banknotes
Banknote Processing
  • Banknote reader :
    Processing of entire banknote on both sides. Programmable to any combination of up to 127 banknotes of different denominations and currencies
  • Up to 5 banknote cassettes; Capacity up to 3400 banknotes each, flexible configurations
  • 1 box for counterfeit banknotes
  • Serial number recognition (optional)
  • ECB Art. 6 compliance
  • XFS compliant
Card Reader
  • Motorised-hybrid (Magnetic + Chip Card)
  • Shutter+ EMV/2 Standard, XFS compliant
  • Two options available: Magnetic band reader or HICO reader-writer
Receipt Printer
  • Thermal printer for 80mm paper roll format
  • Transaction details printout available in any language or font type/size
  • Single/multiple cheque images and advertising logo available
  • Personalised stamping on each receipt
Cheque Processing
  • High transport speed of 2.5 cheques per second
  • MICR Reader: CMC7, E13B or both
  • Optional OCR reader
  • Front stamp by rotary drum with bank’s personalised logo, rear endorsement by inkjet printer up to 5 lines
  • Front/rear cheque image scanning 100 or 200 dpi, 256 grey scale, JPEG format, black/white     TIFF with G4 compression
  • Optional front/rear colour images  
    (200 dpi 24 bits true colour) or UV front image   (200 dpi, 256 grey scale)
  • Removable cheque sorter box:
    Security box with four pocket sorter;
    Capacity up to 500 cheques each pocket
  • XFS compliant
LCD Monitor
  • LCD touchscreen monitor
  • 15” (1024 x 768 pixel), SAW technology
Customer Keypad
  • Stainless steel 130 x 110mm with 12 numeric + 4 function keys
  • Data encryption (Triple DES Standard), EMV compliant (optional), XFS compliant
  • 8 display screen buttons: 4 keys on each side of the display screen
Barcode Reader
  • 2D barcode reader to read QR code
Audio System
  • Audio speaker and headphone adapter to aid the visually impaired
Other Security Features
  • Safe: CEN L Safe, Safety level UL 291 24h
  • Security camera (optional)
  • Wide range of security sensors
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