Lower your costs and risks by going cashless

In an initiative to optimise the usage of cash in an efficient economy, government agencies have begun to encourage the reduction of cash circulation by introducing electronic payment (e-payment) instruments. For certain merchants, the high cost-of-entry for the use of these e-payment infrastructure forces them to pass these costs on to the consumers. Other merchants however, may choose to opt out from it altogether.

The Rototype Cashless ATM seeks to overcome the high cost-of-entry barriers and functions as a shared ATM, enabling customers to pay for purchases using their ATM card.

By selecting the merchant payee at the self-service machine, the total amount payable will be debited from the customer’s savings or current account, while the merchant will receive payment instantly via electronic transfer. At the same time, customers will receive a secured voucher which can be presented for their purchases, just like cash.

What is in it for your bank?

Acquire new operating accounts

Capture merchants to participate in your bank’s shared Cashless ATM network

Stay aligned with government initiatives

Reduce the cost of cash handling, while promoting the use of e-payments

Create a new source of revenue

Interest gained from keeping all participating merchants’ direct deposits in your float account

Reduce operation costs

Eliminate cash-in-transit and high insurance premium

Zero theft

Does not retain any cash

Build new customer loyalty

Initiate co-branding activities with your merchants

What's in it for your participating merchant?

Secured Payment Process

Eliminate cash handling and does not present any opportunity for pilferage

Use of vouchers embedded with unique QR code

QR code enables merchants to scan and identify voucher authenticity quickly

Increase cashflow

Collected from customers' instantaneous payment transfer.

Minimise operation cost

The shared cashless ATM network eliminates fees incurred by card schemes

What is in it for your customers who use the Cashless ATM?

Enjoy better cash-terms prices

Savings that merchants obtain can be passed down to customer

Better personal safety

No need to carry large amount of cash

Introduce e-payments, while keeping the familiar experience of a cash dispensing ATM

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Kiosk Dimensions & Weight
  • Height: 140cm
  • Width: 52cm
  • Depth: 81cm
  • Weight: 150kg
CJD 8000/CC - Secured Voucher Printer
  • Removable cheque feeding box with security key:
    - Box 1: Capacity up to 1800 pieces
    - Box 2: Capacity up to 1400 pieces
  • Double-cheque detector
  • MICR Encoder
    CMC7, E13B, with thermal transfer printer. Interchangeable ribbon, MICR magnetic ink according to ISO standard
  • MICR Reader
    Verifies the accuracy and quality of printed codeline
  • Graphic Printer
    Ink jet high resolution, Interchangeable cartridge. Capacity: 42 ml Ink reservoir. Capacity: 370 ml (optional)
  • Rejection Bin
    Collection of vouchers which have been detected with irregularities and invalidated
  • Height: 140cm
  • Width: 52cm
  • Depth: 81cm
  • Weight: 150kg
LCD Monitor
  • LCD touchscreen monitor
  • TFT 12.1” colour SVGA for high resolution graphics
Card Reader
  • Motorised
    Magnetic + chip card, with shutter, EMV/2standard, XFS compliant; Two options available:magnetic band reader or HICO reader-writer
  • Biometric chip card reader with integrated fingerprint sensor & USB interface. Standard ISO 7816 1/2/3, T=0 and T=1. SAM card slot
Kiosk Features:
  • Disability Discrimination Act (UK) & American for Disability Act (ADA) compliant
  • Support bolting to the floor
  • Robust and tamper resistant to minimise vandalism
  • Restricted supervisor function access - reserved only for authorised staff
Audio System
  • Audio speakers and headphone output
Customer Keypad
  • Stainless steel 130 x 110mm with 12 numeric +4 function keys
  • Data encryption (Triple DES Standard), VISA Compliant (Optional), XFS compliant
Receipt Printer
  • Thermal printer for 80 mm
  • Transaction details printout available in any language or fonts
  • Status report printout available
Document Formats
  • Height: 65 - 110 mm
  • Length: 170 - 240 mm
  • Weight: 80 - 140 gr/sqmt
  • Paper thickness: 0.09 - 0.15 mm
  • 100 - 240 VAC (50 - 60Hz)
  • Ethernet LAN connection to the host
Quality Trademarks
  • Compliance: CE
  • Safety: EN60950
  • Height: 140cm
  • Width: 52cm
  • Depth: 81cm
  • Weight: 150kg
LCD Monitor
  • LCD touchscreen monitor
  • TFT 12.1” colour SVGA for high resolution graphics
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